Love That Matters
With Pastor Bart Clark

The Way To Heaven with Jesus and His Love That Matters

Love That Matters

Sin is anything we think, say, or do that breaks God’s Law.  Sin separates us from God. One sin is all it takes to cause this separation from God.  We are born with faulty desires leading us to go against the law and will of God.  We need forgiveness and we need the debt of our sin paid in full. Jesus restores our fallen broken life so we can have a relationship with God our creator.  

Discover Salvation (The Way to Heaven) & Love That Matters

Have you come to a place in your spiritual life, where you know for sure you will go to heaven one day?

Not sure?......... Keep reading to find the answer.......Does Jesus know you? 

You can know for sure that you will Go to Heaven !!!!!  
That's GOOD NEWS !!!!!

find out how to be sure
Tell us about your decision  

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Jesus! who is Jesus, why attend churches, study bible verses, listen to sermons, checkout christianity, follow bible study, while preaching jesus is lord, just who is god, and why do we need a pastor?  We hope your questions will be answered as you explore our site.  Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Son of God, the savior of the world, the love of God, and the most important part of your future.

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