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Acts of Kindness

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If everyone who reads this article would simply commit to three random acts of kindness per month and expect nothing in return it will change the world.  These acts are performed as a personal sacrifice of your time, finances or material goods.  It doesn’t matter how great or small the sacrifice as long as it cost you something.  The recipient of the acts of kindness are not allowed to repay the contributor but are asked to join in the practice of passing it forward to three more people every month.  In only 12 months, at least a small corner of the world would literally be a different place.  1st month 500 participants- 2nd month 1500 3rd month 4500 by the 12 month 88,573,500 people would be involved.  We will amass a group that will eventually work together as a worldwide team of humanitarians. 88.5 million in only 12 months.


If you know Jesus as your savior, the greatest act of kindness you have to offer is telling others about His salvation.  What if the same principle above were applied to sharing Jesus with everyone you met until you personally saw three people saved and each of those saw three people saved? 

God loves you and you can have the greatest gift of all which is Jesus His only Son whom God freely offers to you.  All you have to do is believe and if you think you cannot believe just ask God to help you in your unbelief and He will.  God loves you and He wants you to know HIS love.   Jesus is the love that matters most to you. 

Salvation (The Way to Heaven) & Love That Matters

Have you come to a place in your spiritual life, where you know for sure you will go to heaven one day?

Not sure?......... Keep reading to find the answer.......Does Jesus know you?

You can know for sure that you will Go to Heaven !!!!! That's GOOD NEWS !!!!!


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